Floor fitters

Our highly skilled and skilled group of hardwood flooring fitters has more than 20 years’ expertise in flooring and design. We have been in business since 1985, and also pride ourselves on the standard of both our products and our services. We supply all kinds of wooden floor, and offer a no duties FREE ESTIMATION service to all possible clients. If you’d like a quotation, or advice on the ideal kind of hardwood flooring for your house and your finances, please provide us a call to 02071400033, or call us with the form supplied. Quality Materials Tulvira flooring fitters utilize the highest quality materials in all flooring installations. Having a connections list built up over our almost-30 years in the flooring industry, we’re ready to acquire the best prices on fixtures& fixtures; adhesives; and hardware — and we pass these savings on to youpersonally. That is how we are able to provide an outstanding rate for your flooring project, however large or small it is. By choosing the right materials in the best providers, and by picking the finest wooden floor fitters from the market, Tulvira is able to deliver high end quality finishes for almost any funding. Outstanding Experience There is no substitute for expertise. That means knowing what you need as well as what we could provide. Speak to us about your expectations and your building and also our qualified engineers will create a bespoke suggestion for you: advocating the correct wood and the perfect flooring type at the proper rates. Wooden Floor Types We operate in all types of hardwood flooring: Laminate flooring Strong wood flooring Engineered hardwood floors Parquet floors Our wood floor fitters are highly experienced in placing every one of these flooring and will ensure that your finished job has the right space to settle, breathe and expand. When you book a flooring matching with Tulvira, then there are no nasty surprises. The floor you get is your floor you wanted: absolutely flat; perfectly completed; and absolutely powerful. We Blend In We collaborate carefully with electricians; technicians; along with other trades people, so we are able to fit directly into your construction program. We’ll fit your floor at the time best for the building, rather than telling you if it suits us. With a Tulvira floor matching, you’re always in control. We have kept our staff small and committed, over time: Assessing quality, trust, and the ability to react quickly and flexibly to the demands of your project click for more info.. Our reputation is our livelihood. By remaining focused and small, we have managed to keep total control of our work force. This way, we know that each and every job we perform has the unmistakeable stamp of Tulvira excellence. The Tulvira Promise Tulvira wooden floor fitters provide three promises with every project: security; caliber; and client satisfaction. All of our workers are qualified and trained in site safety; and so are routinely routed on refresher courses to keep them current with current developments. We use traditional techniques and contemporary tools to create powerful, dependable floors capable of resisting even the heaviest traffic. We all know that each and every floor is different: many are designed purely to seem beautiful; a few need to be capable of sustaining quality and strength in the face of industrial uses; and a few need to combine aesthetic appeal to ground floor venting. When it’s hardwood flooring underpinned by modern heating methods; a refurbishment at a time home; or even a functioning flooring for the office or business environment, we will evaluate your needs separately, and develop the ideal solution.